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Dec 20, 2018


Three weeks have flown by since opening our online store! The first few days were the most difficult, working out issues with starting up a Paypal account and getting that account to approve each shipping label. For security reasons they kept shutting us down until it was obvious we were actually wanting to print a bunch of shipping labels. Geez! 

Thanks everyone for your orders! We were able to get all of them out within one or two days of the orders being placed. We had two notices of breakage and we replaced those items for our customers. If anything arrives broken, please take a photo of the item and packaging and send it to us in the contact email on the web site.

Hoping everyone is staying warm. We got a ton of snow in the last few days and once we dig out, we'll be excited to play in it. Tomorrow is winter solstice which is always a big deal in the North because we start getting back more light, beginning with 6 seconds the first day, but hey, eventually it adds up. Best to all of you!   


Dec 1, 2018

Check it out!


We got a big shake up with a 7.0 earthquake centered near Anchorage yesterday morning. I thought we might have to postpone our opening plans today because our store is in the tsunami zone on Ocean Drive! The tsunami warning was called off so here we go live....